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Character Template

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Character Template

Post  Admin Paragus on Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:32 pm

Hello! If you want to create your own DBZ character, you must follow this template. If you don't use this template, you will be automatically denied.
The template you use is decided on your race. Here, at Dragon Ball Revolution, you can be 1 of 5 races; Android, Hera, Maijin, Namekian, and Saiyan. Each race has different things special to them, like transformations, power, techniques, etc.

Android: Androids are robotic/cyborg Humans, most of them created by the evil scientist Dr. Gero. Most of the androids are said to have boosted energy and eternal life, as well as having no aura (unlike Saiyans, Humans, and others) so nobody can track them with either Scouters or Ki Sense. As an Android, you are given 1 of 3 special abilities. You have boosted Ki of 100, immortality, and recover 10 Ki every 5 posts, unlike the other races. Androids cannot have transformations, however.

Hera: Heras are the race that lived on planet Hera. It is the race that was said to manifest powerful warriors, like Bojack and the Galaxy Soldiers. As a Hera, you are given 1 of 2 special abilities. You can transform into a Full Power Hera (making you equal to a Saiyan, in a Super Saiyan 2 transformation), or have boosted strength of 10 points.

Maijin: Maijins are a race of pink beings, that is said to manifest powerful beings, like Maijin Buu. As a Maijin, you are given 1 of 3 special abilities. You can detach a part of your body and control it, liquidate yourself, or make and part of your body stretchy, like elastic. Maijins, have no transformations.

Namekian: Namekians a race from Namek. They are among the most important races in the series, as they are the creators of the Dragon Balls. Nameks are humanoid with slug-like characteristics, including green skin and antennae. The name "Namek" is taken from the word namekuji, which means "slug" in Japanese. As a Namekian, you are given 1 of 3 special abilities. You can telepathically talk to anyone from anyplace, you can unlock a higher level of consciousness within themselves aka becoming a Super Namek, which in power is equal to Super Saiyan 2, or heal yourself or someone else, at the cost of 20 Ki.

Saiyan: Saiyans are a naturally aggressive warrior race who were nearly all obliterated, until they reappeared, and becoming a destructive race. As a Saiyan, you are given 1 of 3 abilities. You can transform into Super Saiyan levels up to 3, have a boosted speed level of 15, or transform into a great ape which in power is equal to Super Saiyan 3.

Character Template:

[font=Comic Sans Ms][size=18]Basic Info[/size][/font]
[b]Special Characteristics:[/b]

[font=Comic Sans Ms][size=18]Info[/size][/font]

[font=Comic Sans Ms][size=18]General Appearance[/size][/font]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Skin Color:[/b]

[font=Comic Sans Ms][size=18]Skill Levels[/size][/font]
[b]Ki Level:[/b]
[b]Hand to Hand Combat:[/b]
[b]Special Ability:[/b]
[b]Special Ability Info:[/b]

[font=Comic Sans Ms][size=18]History[/font][/size]
[b]Face Claim:[/b]

Basic Info
Name: What is your name?
Nickname: What are you called?
Race: What of the 5 races are you?
Gender: Male, or Female?
Age: What is your age?
Birthday: What is your birth day, and birth month? X/XX
Sexuality: Gay, BI, Straight etc.
Special Characteristics: Anything special about your characters.

Personality: How does your character act? Must be no less than 200 words.
Likes: What does your character like? List three, and explain them.
Dislikes: What does your character dislike? List three, and explain them.
Motivations: What motivates your character? List three, and explain them.
Fears: What does your character fear? List three, and explain them.

General Appearance
Height: Feet, and Inches.
Weight: Pounds.
Hair Color: What is the color of your hair?
Eye Color: What is the color of you characters eyes?
Skin Color: What is your characters skin color?
Appearance: Explain your character's appearance more. Explain attire, in this also. Must be at least 100 words.

Skill Levels
Depending on your class, you get a certain number of Skill Points to spend. These skill points are divided on the 7 items below.
If you are a Rookie, you get 90 skill points.
If you are a Warrior, you get 120 skill points.
If you are a Elite Warrior, you get 150 skill points.
If you are a Kai, you get 180 skill points.
Stamina: Power to endure disease, fatigue, privation, etc.
Intelligence: Manifestation of a high mental capacity
Strength: The quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor.
Speed: The rate at which someone can move at.
Defense Resistance against attack
Ki Level: How much Ki you have per thread. Special techniques, like Kamehameha, cost Ki.
If you are a Rookie, you get 100 Ki.
If you are a Warrior, you get 300 Ki.
If you are a Elite Warrior, you 500 Ki.
If you are a Kai, you get 700 Ki.
Hand to Hand Combat: How one fight's with their hands, like punching and kicking.
Special Ability: Here, say what ability you have chosen, based on your race.
Special Ability Info: Explain your special ability more.

Mentor/Trainer: Who trained your character. Put N/A, if you weren't trained by anyone, and trained yourself.
History: Explain your characters history, at least 400 words.
Face Claim: What is your face claim? Put ANIME-ANIME CHARACTER
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