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Ki Levels, and Skill Points

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Ki Levels, and Skill Points

Post  Admin Paragus on Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:28 pm

Each character created is given a certain Ki Level. The Ki Level, diminishes with each attack. There are four classes of attacks. Basic, Advanced, Elite, and Legendary. Basic's cost around 5 Ki Points. So, say you use a basic class blast. This takes away 10 of your ki energy, for that thread. This is the same for all of the classes. Once Ki is used in a thread, it cannot be returned, until, the total amount of posts for that thread is at 20, then you gain 10 kai energy back a post, until you are back to your total. After this, this regeneration does not happen again.

Advanced takes away 20-30 energy. Elite take away about 31-50 energy. Legendary, take away 50-200 energy. The amount of techniques you get when at creation, depends on your class.

When creating your character, you also get a certain number of skill points, to decided on your characters stats. These stats are, stamina, intelligence, strength, speed, defense, and hand to hand combat. This decides how your character fights. Like, is your charcter a speedy, braniac? Or is you character a strong, defensive specialist? Some races give you a small boost in one of the stats.
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